Tata Steel sales and exports up in the first half of fiscal 2019

Tata Steel (Thailand) PCL reported a 7-per-cent quarter-on-quarter increase in net sales during the period July to September.

Bangkok, Thailand November 08, 2018 – Total sales volume was 288,000 tonnes and net sales were valued at Bt5.82 billion.

The volume of exports to countries in the region, mainly India, Cambodia and Laos, in the first half of the year has shown a continuous rise, the company said.

The company also cited impacts from US trade measures on Thailand’s largest steel manufacturers.

Rajiv Mangal, the president and CEO, said that sales volume in the current quarter of fiscal year 2019 was up by 7,000 tonnes compared to the previous quarter.

Total sales volume in the first half of fiscal year 2019 was 569,000 tonnes, and exports were 74,000 tonnes, up from 48,700 tonnes in the first half of last year, marking a 52-per-cent surge.

The sales volume was mostly in the export sector to India, Cambodia and Laos.

Net sales for the quarter was Bt5.82 billion, 7 per cent higher than net sales of Bt5.44 billion in the previous quarter.

Net sales in first half of fiscal year 2019 amounted to Bt11.26 billion, compared to Bt10.39 billion in the same period last year, up 8 per cent.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization in this quarter amounted to Bt234 million, higher than the Bt216 million in the previous quarter, or up 8 per cent, reflecting improvement in sales volume and selling price. Profit before tax in this quarter was Bt67 million while profit after tax was Bt51 million.