Cut-to-Length / Blanking Lines

Whether you are running prepaint, galvanized, or hot roll material, Red Bud Industries produces a complete line of Coil Processing Equipment that offers practical solutions to meet today’s most demanding requirements.

Red Bud’s technological leadership has been established through decades of research and development. It has been strengthened through practical hands on experience of designing, building, and supporting over 500 Cut-To-Length / Blanking Lines around the world.

     - Light Gage
     - Medium Gage
     - Heavy Gage

Over the years, Red Bud’s Blanking technology has set the standard by which other systems are measured. Today, their systems continue to redefine the blanking industry. The key is Red bud’s proprietary Measuring Systems. Their unique Roll and Grip Feeds produce the best tolerances in the industry.

Working together with the end-user, Red Bud will custom configure a line to meet your specific requirements without breaking the bank, making your job easier, cutting costs, and increasing your profits.

Main features and benefits from the Red Bud Cut-to-Length Lines:

     - Best “real world” length tolerance in the industry regardless of material width or thickness
     - Can process surface critical material without marking
     - Produces higher line speeds without experiencing material slippage
     - “Hands free” material threading from Uncoiler to Stacker
     - Shear mounted Stacking System produces perfectly square stacks of material
     - Design, manufacture, and assemble the entire line in our plant
     - 5 Year Warranty
     - 24/7 “Service Hotline”

For more detailed information of the Red Bud CUT-TO-LENGTH / BLANKING LINES and specifications, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.

Red Bud Industries has been building Coil Processing Equipment for over 55 years. A world leader, they have been voted the #1 Coil Processing Equipment Vendor by Metal Center 2015-2017.

Red Bud Industries supplies a wide range of Coil Processing Systems. They design and manufacture Light Gage Cut-To-Length and Multi-Blanking Lines, Heavy Gage Plate Cut-To-Length Lines with and without our “SUREGRIP®” Stretcher Levelers, and Light and Heavy Gage Slitting Lines.

Besides building world class equipment, Red Bud assists you with many other aspects of your project. They are experts in the design and layout of service centers. Whether you are building an addition or a whole new facility, adding one new machine or several, Red Bud can help you optimize your new plant to assure you get the most out of your investment.

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