Stretcher Leveler

Red Bud Industries has been building Stretcher Levelers since 1986. With over 40+ Stretchers sold worldwide, they have earned a reputation as a leader in the design and production of stretcher leveling technology.

The “T Series” revolutionary design is the first ever to incorporate a bolt together, tie rod construction. These machines are floor mounted, require minimal foundation work, and come in fixed bed lengths up to 50′ (15 m). Stretcher Levelers are also significantly less expensive and have lower overall maintenance costs than comparable Temper Mill Cut-To-Length Lines.

Red Bud is so confident in their Stretcher Levelers, anyone can send them a coil they cannot get flat and they will level it for free! Guaranteeing the material stays flat.
Main features and benefits from the Red Bud Stretcher Leveler:

     - Stretcher Leveler produces flat material that stays flat
     - Equalized stresses eliminate spring back
     - Typically produces 0 to 1 I-units of flatness
     - Process is not sensitive to incoming shape
     - Reduces percentage of scrap loss
     - Process will not change mechanical properties
     - Simple to learn and operate
     - Low operating costs
     - Heavy duty construction
     - High reliability
     - Superior gripper life
     - Real time graphic feedback

For more detailed information of the Red Bud STRETCHER LEVELER and specifications, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.

Red Bud Industries has been building Coil Processing Equipment for over 55 years. A world leader, they have been voted the #1 Coil Processing Equipment Vendor by Metal Center 2015-2017.

Red Bud Industries supplies a wide range of Coil Processing Systems. They design and manufacture Light Gage Cut-To-Length and Multi-Blanking Lines, Heavy Gage Plate Cut-To-Length Lines with and without our “SUREGRIP®” Stretcher Levelers, and Light and Heavy Gage Slitting Lines.

Besides building world class equipment, Red Bud assists you with many other aspects of your project. They are experts in the design and layout of service centers. Whether you are building an addition or a whole new facility, adding one new machine or several, Red Bud can help you optimize your new plant to assure you get the most out of your investment.

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