Level 2 (LMF IS™)

Information is an extremely valuable tool that helps you have a greater control over operations. Meltshop Level 2 provides you with meaningful data regarding the performance of your EAF, Ladle Furnace or Continuous Caster. As a result, you'll be able to improve your production process and reduce costs.

LMF IS is an information system in charge of tracking the heat whenever it visits the ladle furnace. It also allows special management when this heat returns to the Caster for reprocessing. Besides, this system is an effective tool in reaching the desired degree, through the Additions Calculation Module.

Information is divided in several categories:

     - General Information
     - Additions Calculation
     - Events
     - Delays
     - Chemical Analysis
     - Life Data

For more detailed information on the LMF IS (Level 2) system, please click HERE.

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