Neuenkamp has been manufacturing high precision longitudinal slitting and side trimming tools for over 80 years. Their main industrial sectors are the steel and non-ferrous metals processors.

Today, Neuenkamp is the world leader in slitting technology, represented in over 30 countries.

Their entire product range of high quality tooling satisfies the entire world market. Special expertise is involved in the manufacturing of the tightest tolerances (accuracies down to ± 0.5µm / ± 0.000020 inch) and the best possible surface finishes. As a standard feature, roll shear knives and spacers have a thickness tolerance of ± 1µm (±0.000040 inch) and parallelism and flatness are within 2 µm (±0.000080 inch). They continuously cooperate with leading steel producers, to develop special knife alloys to obtain the highest wear resistance and prolonged service life.