Roughness Measurement

SORM 3plus is an online measuring system that is used for detecting roughness parameters on running strip material. The roughness parameters are an important quality feature of un-coated and surface-refined strip material. The standardized method of measurement that has been used to-date involves using a stylus instrument. When using this method the operator needs to stop the production line or take samples from the coil, after which, measurements are conducted offline in a lab.

In contrast, SORM 3plus is a contact-free, online measuring system that can be used for metallic and many non-metallic surfaces at production speeds of up to 2400 m/min.

Measuring principle:

The SORM 3plus measuring principle is based on an angular measurement of the reflected beam of diffused light. In this process a laser beam is directed onto the material surface and the angle of the reflected diffused light is detected by an angle-sensitive sensor array. The measurement of the angle is repeated every 5 µm up to a maximum length of 300 mm. The surface profile is subsequently calculated, from which the roughness parameters Ra and RPc are determined.

The surface roughness values are permanently stored, displayed to the operator and transferred, if necessary, to a higher-level network. The operator is alerted if the limit values he/she has preset are exceeded, or if any changes are made within the system that could jeopardize the production process.

Customer benefits:
     - Safeguarding of product quality
     - Control and optimization of the skin pass and/or rolling process
     - Cost reduction by optimizing the roll service life
     - Reduction of complaints thanks to an early detection of deviations from the requested roughness range
     - Reduction of rejects as a result of subsequent monitoring and control on the recoiling line
     - Stable forming process thanks to constant roughness parameters
     - Excellent coating results due to a homogeneous surface roughness
     - Cost savings in comparison to manual stylus measurement

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EMG Automation

EMG Automation is a company rich in technical innovation and a global market leader with more than 60 years of experience. EMG Automation manufactures strip guiding and quality assurance systems for continuous production processes in the metal, paper and plastics sectors, as well as foil and tire industries.

The main feature of EMG strip guides is the application of Inductive Principle, which realizes in minimum burden of maintenance. In Thailand, over 50 systems of EMG have been installed in many major steel plants.

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