Electromagnetic Strirring

ALTEK presents the most versatile and cost-effective Electromagnetic Stirring (EMS) system available to the aluminum industry.

Since its launch in 2009, ALTEK's Low Energy, Air-Cooled Electromagnetic Stirrers have become the benchmark for non-contact furnace stirring technology. The unique inductor design acts as an optimized electromagnet, creating unrivaled power and electromagnetic flow patterns in the molten aluminum while keeping energy consumption very low.

Expected performance increase / benefits of the ALTEK Electromagnetic Stirrer:

     - Increases furnace productivity up to 25%
     - Reduces gas consumption up to 15%
     - Reduces melt loss up to 30%
     - Rapid chemical and temperature homogeneity
     - Very low power consumption (90-120 kWh per conventional melting furnace cycle)
     - Very low maintenance
     - Cost effective, very long life

ALTEK's EMS can be installed on the bottom, side or back of almost any type of furnace size or shape, and is capable of stirring molten aluminum through all refractory types and thicknesses (currently up to 750mm). ALTEK also designs custom movement and lifting systems which allow one EMS to travel between multiple furnaces for both bottom and side mounted installations.

For more detail on complete Electromagnetic Stirrer specs, please click HERE.

Altek is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum dross and scrap processing systems. Altek engineers have, between them, over 200 years of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling. They are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

Altek is the world leader for electromagnetic stirring systems and dross press machines.

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