Dross Press Machine

ALTEK invented the dross press in the early 1990s. Following the acquisition of the TARDIS dross press business in 2009, the two technologies were combined to produce the TARDIS Generation II Dross Press range we see today.

Worldwide dross press references for ALTEK now total over 550, it has been proven to be the best technology for recovering aluminum units from dross and is the most widely used dross processing technology in the Aluminum Industry.

There are a number of different TARDIS Gen II models with over 40 pan set designs to suit almost any configuration of furnace size, sill height, dross type and dross production. This includes for black dross as well as white dross.

For more detail on complete Dross Press specs, please click HERE.

Altek is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum dross and scrap processing systems. Altek engineers have, between them, over 200 years of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling. They are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

Altek is the world leader for electromagnetic stirring systems and dross press machines.

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