Rotary Joint

Since 1964, The Nippon Joint, Ltd., have provided to the various industries; Paper and Pulp, Corrugating, Steel, Rubber, Aluminum, Plastic, and other. They have manufactured rotary joints in Japan, having a long-standing Technical Assistance Agreement with Kadant Johnson Inc. with over 70 years of history as a leading provider of rotary joints, having the headquarters in Michigan, U.S.A.

We are able to supply all types of Rotary Joints to fit your requirements:

     - Water
     - Hydraulic
     - Air
     - Thermal Oil
     - Steam
     - Custom Applications

For more information regarding specific Rotary Joint models, please click HERE... or contact Scancorp Limited for the complete catalogue of product offerings.

Nippon Joint

The Nippon Joint is a Japanese manufacturer of rotary joints which are used in transferring of heat transfer media in and out of a rotating cylinder. Such applications are common in many industries, including steel. Nippon Joint has license from The Johnson Corporation of America who is the global leader for this field for over 60 years.

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