Tilting Rotary Furnace

With over 50 references around the world, the TTRF® is considered the most advanced and competitive rotary furnace in the industry with its the short cycle times and the dry flux melting process technology.

The ALTEK TTRF® combines the high efficiency of the sealed door Oxy-Fuel burner with the ALTEK- patented control system and furnace design to provide the highest thermal efficiency resulting in the industry’s fastest melt times. Typical cycle times will be three hours or less.

The proprietary PLC based control system reduces tap-to-tap times by indicating the optimum point at which the aluminum should be poured. Thermal efficiencies of 75-80% can be achieved and a productivity up-time of 98%.

For more detail on complete Tilting Rotary Furnace specs, please click HERE.

Altek is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminum dross and scrap processing systems. Altek engineers have, between them, over 200 years of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling. They are a unique skill resource for our worldwide customers.

Altek is the world leader for electromagnetic stirring systems and dross press machines.

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