Thailand investigates tin-free imports

Thailand to investigate anti-dumping for tin-free steel from China, the European Union and South Korea.

BANGKOK, May 21, 2020 – Thailand’s anti-dumping authorities have launched an investigation into imports of tin-free steel from China, the European Union and South Korea. It has also decided to extend duties on imports of alloy wire rod from China for another five years, Kallanish notes.

The investigation into tin-free steel covers HS codes 721050.00.21, 721050.00.22, 721050.00.23, 721050.00.24, 721050.00.25, 721050.00.26, 721050.00.29, and 721050.90. That includes both hot and cold rolled chrome-coated steels up to 0.5mm in thickness and over 600mm in width.

Under these codes, Thailand imported 128,317 tonnes of these materials from the China, the EU and Korea in 2019, up 98.3% year-on-year. Over 44% of these imports came from China, and over 48.5% from Korea, with the EU supplying less than 7.5%. The disruption in the first quarter however left imports from these countries down -35% y-o-y at 20,415t.

The existing duties on alloy wire rod meanwhile cover HS codes 721391.90.021, 721391.90.022, 721391.90.030, 721391.90.031, 721391.90.090, 722790.00.50, 722790.00.51, 722790.00.52, 722790.00.53, 722790.00.54, 722790.00.55, 722790.00.56, 722790.00.59, and 722790.00.90. These codes include carbon steel wire rod in coil with diameter of less than 14mm and containing 0.75-0.85% of carbon and up to 0.9% of manganese. They also include alloy steel wire rod with 0.76-0.92% carbon and either at least 0.3% chromium or 0.0008% boron. Imports of these products to Thailand from China totaled 555,196t in 2019, down -16.8% y-o-y. In Q1 2020, volumes fell -37.8% y-o-y to 108,299t.