Industrial Wheels

XTEK's worldwide customers operate heavy duty applications within the toughest, most demanding environments found in the industry. These customers choose XTEK wheel products due to the proven reliability, increased life, high wear resistance, significantly reduced downtime and overall satisfaction.

Simply put, XTEK wheels produce more turns than the competition!

XTEK supplies a complete range of industrial wheels using their proprietary heat treatment process (TSP), which provides unparalleled uniformed steel hardening for the best performing industrial wheel products in the industry.

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Xtek is a manufacturer of custom machined and heat-treated parts and component assemblies for heavy-duty industrial applications. They provide engineering and metallurgical expertise to solve the toughest power transmission and material handling equipment problems faced by our customers in steel mills, aluminum mills, shipyards, utility plants, and other industries throughout the world.

Since 1909, they've built a reputation by improving the metallurgical properties of steel, and therefore the quality and durability of the parts they manufacture. XTEK engineers developed the Tool Steel Process (TSP), a special heat-treating process that significantly improves the strength and durability of machined components. XTEK uses this TSP process, and other forms of heat treatment, to produce critical components such as brake wheels, track or crane wheels, overhead crane parts, and sheave wheels; gear couplings and u-joints; mill gearing and mill pinions and custom gears; pinch rolls, forged work rolls and other special purpose processing rolls.

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