Brake & Clutch

Stromag-SIME is a world leader in the sector of electrical and mechanical drive technology and a worldwide manufacturer of systems and component solutions.

Stromag-SIME utilizes the latest design technologies and materials to provide creative, energy-efficient solutions that meet your most challenging requirements. Their extensive product range includes flexible couplings, disc brakes, limit switches, an array of hydraulically, pneumatically, and electrically actuated brakes, and a complete line of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches.

If your operation requires reliable control in engaging or disengaging, in slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, or to prevent motion of wheel, axle, then you can depend on brakes and clutches from Stromag-SIME which are supplied in various types including electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic.

Stromg-SIME brakes have applications in many industrial fields, including:

  • Steel plants
  • Port cranes
  • Power plants
  • Mining 

 For more detailed information for BRAKE & CLUTCH models and specifications, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.


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