Flare stack burners and systems

Bloom Engineering provides high-quality combustion products, services, and systems in the steel, aluminum, process heating, & specialty industries. Their global team delivers this with industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions.

Bloom's leading Flare Stack Burners and Systems are used worldwide in numerous customer sites. Bloom is capable to support you in various areas for your Flare Stack requirement:

     - Basic and Detail Engineering for Flare Systems
     - Feasibility Studies
     - Modifications and Rebuilds of existing Flare Systems
     - Heat Radiation Calculation
     - Sound Pressure Level Calculation
     - Delivery of Flare Stack Burners and Flare Systems
     - Delivery of Pilot Burner Systems
     - Spare Parts, Start-up Assistance

For more detail on the Flare Stack Burner and System from Bloom, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.

Bloom Engineering

Bloom Engineering is the leading supplier of high temperature industrial burners and associated combustion equipment. The company has extensive experience in the steel, aluminum and forge industries and also provides combustion equipment for many other applications.

The Bloom family of companies specializes in problem solving through custom engineering, rather than by using a "catalog sales" approach. The company prides itself on its in-depth knowledge of the applications in which its equipment is used and the custom designs it creates to provide the best possible solution for each situation.

A truly global business, Bloom has companies and associates in all of the major industrial centers of the world. Its headquarters are in Pittsburgh where it was founded in 1934. Today, Bloom works with 100s of companies worldwide and has over 14,000 combustion-related products installed at customer sites.

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