Fieldbus Strain Gauge Amplifiers

The strip tension and web tension control is the core competence of HAEHNE. The program includes all common types of load cells: Pillow Block Sensors for minimum and maximum forces, radial force sensors, measuring bearings and load pins, complete measurement rolls, and one-sided measuring rolls.

The Busboxes are used whenever full bridge strain gauge sensors are to be connected to the Profibus DP. The primary field of application is web tension measurement.

The Profibus, DeviceNet or CanOpen Busboxes are bolted directly to the machine frame or mounted in stainless steel housings or cabinets.

The HAEHNE Fieldbus Strain Gauge Amplifiers support the following interfaces:

     - Profibus
     - Profinet
     - EtherNet IP
     - EtherCAT
     - Canopen
     - DeviceNet

For more detail on the complete line of Fieldbus Strain Gauge Amplifiers and data sheets, please click HERE.

Wherever tension forces must be measured and controlled in webs HAEHNE products are in use. This includes winding installations in sectors such as metal, paper, plastic, and textile.

HAEHNE force measurement technology provides reliable product quality by relying on its competence and know-how of product development, manufacturing, and sales. Through their continuous implementation of knowledge and experience from many projects, they have developed into a leading solution provider for their customers.

Haehne is the first company in web tension measurement technology to offer field bus measuring amplifiers. Today literally hundreds of systems are installed worldwide with the majority in China.

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