Steel Mill Knives

Angelo Romani is a leading manufacturer of Hot and Cold Shear Blades used in the steel mills for the production of:

     • Strips
     • Heavy Plates
     • Sections
     • Bars
     • Billets
     • Wire Rods

For each application Angelo Romani has the most suitable solution. Thanks to decades of experience and materials research and development, we provide our knives in the optimal steel grade for each application in order to guarantee the highest balance Price/TON processed.

Angelo Romani supplies also high quality Knife Holders, Shims, and miscellaneous steel parts for your shear.
For more detailed information for the Steel Mill Knives and specs, please click HERE.

Angelo Romani has a history of more than 75 years in metal industry. Founded in 1933 in Milan, the company initially manufactured industrial knives for different applications. Over decades, Angelo Romani developed into a reliable partner for high quality tooling used in shearing, bending and metalworking operations, serving the metal producing and metal processing industry worldwide.

Angelo Romani has recently moved all operations and activities to North East of Italy in a new, modern, efficient production facility meeting industries highest standards. This new operation will drive the business through the 21st century.

Our quality mind set is reflected in:

     - Performance
     - Consistency
     - Reliability
     - Support

Angelo Romani believes in innovative problem solving and cost-efficient solutions, based upon common sense and our world-wide network of customer applications.

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