Lance Manipulator

BSE's Multi-Lance Manipulator and TempSamp Manipulator are amongst the most successful innovations ever in EAF technology. BSE combines slag-door-injection and measurement in one compact unit - making the ideal Lance Manipulator solution for locations with limited space!

BSE has developed three (3) generations of Lance Manipulators to suit any EAF environment.

The Lance Manipulator benefits / advantages:

  • Injection of oxygen, carbon, lime or other solid materials into the EAF with independent moving lances in up to three separate heads
  • Accurate and reproducible measuring and sample taking
  • Reduction of tap-to-tap time due to measuring without interruption of furnace operation or foaming slag practice
  • Substitution of electrical energy by chemical energy
  • Highly effective consumable lances
  • Increase of oxygen efficiency and productivity
  • Reliable injection as a result of appropriate actuation technology
  • Safe operation due to heat protection of relevant parts
  • Quick and easy maintenance (e.g. good accessibility of relevant parts, preparation of lance pipes with portable crimping machine)
  • Attractive cost/performance ratio for a quick return on investment

Design, layout and movements for optimum efficiency of energy and consumables with conventional technology. Components and features designed from steelmakers for steelmakers – making operation easy, safe and efficient.

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Since 1983, the Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (BSE) has been acting as a service provider for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the electric steel industry worldwide.

BSE is the sister company of the Badische Stahlwerke GmbH (BSW) – one of the world’s most productive Electric Arc Furnace Steel Mills.

BSE supplies high-quality products and consulting services based on the developed technologies and methods in its own plant as well as on a large number of network-partners, various EAF steel plants, rolling mills, integrated steel mills and users of different kinds of metallurgical processes.  Customers worldwide are receiving Technical Services and Consulting Services from BSE.

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