High Temperature Quenching (HTQ)

The High Temperature Quenching (HTQ) Off-Gas system uses an intelligent design to monitor, supervise and control efficient dedusting control.

The HTQ system performs rapid and flexible cooling of the gases from the direct furnace evacuation. This fast quenching of the off-gas prevents de-novo synthesis of Dioxin/Furans. Making the environment much safer vs traditional dedusting systems.

The HTQ's intelligent design has many advantages / benefits:

     - Simplification of emission control
     - Control and visualisation of the entire dedusting system
     - Improved dedusting efficiency in Am³/kWh
     - Reduction of specific dedusting cost per ton
     - Less WCD required
     - No more dust drop out in the ducts
     - Lower pressure drop in the DEC duct
     - Economical solution for Dioxin and Furans reduction
     - Elimination of tubular cooler and booster fans
     - Low operating costs

For more detailed information on High Temperature Quenching (HTQ) system, please click HERE.


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