Ladle Well Filler

PURMETALL has perfected its manufacturing technique, enabling them to supply refractories of the highest quality, to meet any customer requirement.

Today, PURMETALL offers a state-of-the-art Ladle Well Fillers using the latest findings from analytical and applied research. With extensive knowledge and experience in the development and production of Ladle Well Fillers, PURMETALL creates custom designed products for any steel plant in order to achieve an opening rate of 100%.

To see the complete Ladle Well Filler product range and specifications, please click HERE.

Purmetall is a mid-sized company rich in tradition, whose manufacturing technique is of the highest quality. They combine tradition with modern technology. Keeping production, research and development departments centralized and housed together with administration offices in one location provides great benefits. This allows for direct exchanges between departments, ensuring that efficient solutions are found easily.

Purmetall develops, manufactures and distributes refractories, ladle well fillers and synthetic slags for the steel industry worldwide. Purmettal works together with customers until they have found the optimal solution, specially designed to meet our customer's unique needs.

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