Tension Control

Tension Control is essential for tension free rolling of the heavy bar towards the entry of the mill or wherever loop control cannot be implemented and the travel time between two stands is longer than 1sec.

One of the key features of Tension Control in GEVA Mill Control is that it is no iterative system but provides instant correction when the nose is travelling through the mill. The level of tension that can be achieved consistently with Tension Control is 0.2N/mm² - this is equivalent to the weight of only 4 pages of A4 paper per square millimeter of product.

Tension Control on a specific stand works by observing the motor torque (motor current) of the upstream stand from the point of time just before the nose biting until biting in the downstream stand. The output of Tension Control is fed into Speed Cascading and thus adjust the ratio speeds between the stand and the upstream stand.

For more detailed information on Tension Control automation, please click HERE.

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