Shear Control

Shear Control is a module within GEVA Mill Control for:

     - Start / Stop-Shears,
     - Cludge / Brake Shears,
     - Cut & Divert Shears (Start/Stop or Cludge/Brake)

Supporting all types of shear configuration, e. g. single arm, double arm, drum, crank, combined. For all shears, diverters with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators are supported on entry and exit side.

The key features of Shear Control are:

     - Extremely high cutting repeatability
     - Improved wear of blades and reduced risk of braking
     - Extremely high cutting accuracy
     - The shear knife linear movement is synchronous with material movement
     - Drifting delays don’t cause cut length variation
     - Entry and/or Exit Diverter movements are synchronized with shear movement.
     - Length of material is consistent, independent from changes in rolling temperature
     - No significant speed drop during cut, Only minimum over speed required
     - Cooling Bed Length Optimization
     - Length Optimization - Tail Chop
     - Length Optimization - Short Length Redistribution

For more detailed information on Tension Control automation, please click HERE.

GEVA Automation is a global engineering company providing process control solutions dedicated to the Long Rolling industry. For more than 20 years, GEVA has successfully implemented over 80 major projects by providing improvements to the Long Rolling and Rail Mills concentrating on existing mills for upgrades, expansion, modernization and improvements.

GEVA's aim is to improve customer efficiencies (increase productivity and reduce operational costs) by:

  • Increase of output / yield and availability
  • Improve operational performance
  • Save energy
  • Extend equipment life

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