Gear Coupling

Green Gear Trasmissioni (GGT) is a global supplier specializing in production of power transmission equipment. For over 20+ years, they have supplied high quality production at very competitive prices using the best technical and manufacturing solution for specific customer requirements.

The FGC series Gear Coupling are made of the best alloy steel, such as AISI1045,AIS4140,AIS9840,etc.. All couplings are heat treated through normalization, hardening and tempering, hardening, induction hardening, nitriding and/or plasma-nitriding. GGT offers a complete suite of couplings, incuding:

     - Standard gear coupling
     - Gear coupling with long hubs
     - Heavy duty gear coupling
     - Disengage-able gear coupling
     - Gear coupling with brake pulley
     - Gear coupling with tubular spacers
     - Gear coupling with electrical insulation
     - Sliding gear coupling

For more detailed information for the Gear Coupling material and specifications, please contact Scancorp Limited.

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