Laying head pipe

Prem-tech Laying Head Pipes have a with specialized internal Bore, resulting in extended production service life.

Due to high wear and increased mill speeds in excess of 100 m/s, standard pipes have to be replaced frequently. Causing expensive downtime, loss of production and increased maintenance cost.

The Prem-tech range of replacement pipes greatly extends service life as they are highly resistant to wear and 'grooving'. These Laying Head Pipes can be supplied in straight form to bend on site or shaped depending on laying head / rotor type.

Prem-tech’s Laying Head Pipes internal bore surface provide:

     - Reduced number of pipes purchased per year
     - Significant savings in down time
     - Increased service life
     - Increased bore hardness
     - Lower friction
     - Reduce potential for product marking and down stream quality problems

For more detailed information on Laying Head Pipes, please click HERE.

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