Wire Rod Block

The PERT Wire Rod Block is designed for advanced wire rod rolling processes, characterized by high productivity rates.

The product is shaped at a high delivery speed and if required, at a lower-than-normal temperature to achieve desirable metallurgical effects. Hence, recent conceptual approaches to rolling wire rod entail than the equipment involved is exposed to very much higher loads.

Especially, rod mill blocks which operate at extremely high speeds are required to meet particularly stringent demands.

PERT Rod Mill Blocks are designed to:

     - Roll at the highest speed virtually possible (120 m/sec)
     - Shape the product at lower-than-normal temperature
     - Ensure that the product in handled in an optimal process
     - Generate a low noise level
     - No vibrations

PERT Rod mill blocks incorporate quite a number of innovations, as well as features specially such as:

     - Alternate horizontal and vertical roll units
     - Roll diameters in a progression to yield an optimal deformation effect
     - Wide range of roll screw down, and provision made for product cooling between passes

PERT Rod mill blocks could be supplied on roll-bearings, for low speed for rebar finishing lines or on plain-bearing for high speed wire rod lines. All the PERT Rod mill blocks are equipped with PERT FLUR® system for quick changing of the rings.

For more detailed information on the PERT WIRE ROD BLOCK, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.

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