Coil Packaging Lines

Bronx have supplied specialist high volume Coil Packaging Lines to meet the output from Steel Mills and other large processors.

Latest lines are capable of a very high throughput due to advanced coil handling and transportation systems with a high degree of automation.
    - Throughput up to 30 Coils per hour
    - Typical Coil Size 30T x 2000mm diameter x 2000mm wide

Packing types:
    - Plastic Film
    - Paper
    - Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet
    - Plastisol Coated Sheet
    - Any combination of the above types of packaging can be included plus other features such as weighing and pallet loading.

For more detail on complete Coil Packaging Lines, please click HERE.

Bronx provides a complete service including turnkey supply, engineering, purchasing, project management, training, technical advise, etc. All Bronx lines offer the following benefits to our customers:

- Bronx designed and European manufacture
- Supervision of installation and commissioning
- Full training package for operators and production personnel

Bronx is a global company with locations in the UK, Australia, Slovakia, South Africa and Russia; and sales representatives worldwide.

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