Air Knives & Pot Equipment

Bronx "Next Generation" Air Knives and Pot Equipment have been developed to achieve the low coating mass requirements at higher speeds demanded in today’s marketplace. At the same time, higher coating mass can be produced as required. The next generation design achieves the smooth laminar air flow required to achieve the coating and ensure a high quality surface.

Next Generation Air Knives
     - Designed for line speeds up to 185 mpm
     - Coating weights from 40/m2 to 350g/m2 (both sides, subject to line speed & coating type)
     - Strip widths up to 1500mm
     - Differential coating capability
     - Compact design allowing excellent pot access
     - Hardened alloy steel and chrome plated air knife lips to maximize operational life
     - Edge Baffle System to minimize coating build up  on strip edges (required for slower production & heavier coating mass)

    Controls and Adjustments include:
     - knife to pot vertical (adjustment via servo motor)
     - Knife to strip horizontal (adjustment via servo motor)
     - Knife angle of attack (manual adjustment)
     - Knife jet gap (Ore-set offline to meet production requirements)
     - Air knife gap cleaning device (auto programmed for welds or operator initiated via HMI)

     - Air Knife gap maintenance & calibration stands
     - Dross robot
     - Dross Recovery Unit

Next Generation Pot Equipment
     - Heavy duty, robust design
     - Pot equipment mounted on single pedestal stands on each side of the pot allowing excellent pot access
     - Horizontally adjustable stabilizing rolls via servo motor to set pass line
     - Quick-release bearing carrier on all roll arms for fast roll changes
     - Indexable, cartridge type bearings on all rolls assisting roll change & maximizing bearing life.

     - Remote operated sink roll scraper blade (required for Galvalume®
     - Maintenance & calibration stands for sink & stabilizing rolls

Standard Air Knife & Pot Equipment
The Bronx Standard Air Knives & Pot equipment, which have proven successful in installations on many Bronx Metal Coating Lines and coating line upgrades around the world are still available.

     - Compact design allowing excellent pot access
     - Double Quick Change Head design with hardened alloy steel and chrome plated Air Knife lips
     - Designed for line speeds up to 150mpm
     - Coating weights from 90g/m2 to 350/m2 (both sides)
     - Strip widths up to 1500mm
     - Air knives and pot equipment mounted on single pedestal stand allowing excellent pot access
     - Horizontally adjustable stabilising and correcting rolls to set pass line and correct strip shape

    Controls and Adjustments include:
     - Knife to pot vertical
     - Knife to strip horizontal
     - Knife angle of attack
     - Knife skewing
     - Knife jet gap
     - Knife air pressure (tandem & individual)

For more detail on Air Knives and Pot Equipment, please click HERE.

Bronx provides a complete service including turnkey supply, engineering, purchasing, project management, training, technical advise, etc. All Bronx lines offer the following benefits to our customers:

- Bronx designed and European manufacture
- Supervision of installation and commissioning
- Full training package for operators and production personnel

Bronx is a global company with locations in the UK, Australia, Slovakia, South Africa and Russia; and sales representatives worldwide.

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