Batch Annealing Furnace (BAF)

RAD-CON is an expert in the annealing production process, a manufacturer of new bell-type annealing furnace equipment, and a provider of systems that help existing annealing facilities operate better.

By providing the highest performing furnace equipment and the world’s leading software for strip annealing shop operation, RAD-CON facilities achieve the combination of high quality and low operating costs that provide a true competitive edge.

RAD-CON is not only a leading global producer of 100% hydrogen bell-type annealing furnaces (BAF) for strip and sheet coils, but also the leader in software for managing the annealing production process. RAD-CON provides:

     - Design, equipment, and installation of 100% Hydrogen BAF
     - Facility sizes ranging from 10,000 t/y to 1,000,000 t/y
     - Software systems that use thermal models to manage the entire annealing operation

RAD-CON’s 100% Hydrogen Super-High Convection™ (H2SHC™) bell-type annealing furnaces (BAF) offer the highest convection flow in the industry to reduce temperature variations in a minimum amount of cycle times.

Reduce operating costs by 50%! Upgrade your existing HN annealing shop to 100% H2. Hydrogen performance improves quality, reduces in-process inventory costs, and provides access to new customers/markets.

For more detailed information on the (Bell-Type) Batch Annealing Furnace, please click HERE.

RAD-CON is a leading global supplier of 100% hydrogen bell-type batch annealing furnace (BAF) equipment and software to manage BAF shops:

  • Annealing Specialist: ferrous and non-ferrous, strip and wire
  • Manufacture / Designer of 100% hydrogen, bell-type furnaces
  • Leading industry with bell-type thermal models (CAPS™)
  • Expert in optimized annealing shop operation
  • Providing systems since 1966, and operating globally

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