Pinhole Detection System

SR-Instruments leads the way in Pinhole Detection with DETMASTER MPH.

For over 15 years, SR-Instruments has continued to develop their industry leading Pinhole Detection system. With the most installations and modern technology – Detmaster is probably the best pinhole detector on the market!

Stability, Performance and Accuracy is guaranteed with certified samples and automatic verification tools. Detmaster MPH system for accurate pinhole, hole and edge crack detection as well as an optional width measurement. All in the same system!

Designed for the following Applications:
     • Tin Plating Line
     • Slitting Line
     • Continuous Annealing Line
     • Coil Inspection Line
     • Electrolytic Cleaning Line
     • Coil Preparation Line
     • Tin-free Steel (ECCS) Line
     • Polymer Coating Line
     • Cut-to-length Line

For further information about the SR-Instruments Detmaster MPH (Pinhole Detection system) click HERE.

SR Instrument is the world technology and market leader in pinhole detectors. They focus their efforts into applications where utmost sensitivity and inspection speed is required.

Today SR-Instruments markets the third generation Detmaster solutions. Due to the Detmaster's superior performance, they have replaced numerous traditional systems worldwide. Parallel development projects are executed with the world-leading steel and aluminum strip and foil manufacturers to meet the future needs set for the industries.

SR Instruments has a global professional distributor and representative service network. Through this, they are able to serve both present and potential customers in every corner of the globe.

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