Strip Guiding System

EMG Automation is the world leader for Strip Guiding Systems.

Their quality demands are not only based on the requirements stipulated by laws and international standards, but also on the expectations of our customers, as well as on what is technically and economically feasible.

The strip guiding system serves to keep a strip, which shows such tendency, in the center of the system or in any other defined position. The strip guiding system thereby prevents damage to the product or the production plant and ensures that the strip runs evenly through the production process.

EMG Automation has developed the best performing Strip Guiding Systems to support the ever increasing quality demands and high availability requirements, while reducing the operating and maintenance personnel.

For more detailed information of the Strip Guiding Systems and Components, please click HERE.

EMG Automation

EMG Automation is a company rich in technical innovation and a global market leader with more than 60 years of experience. EMG Automation manufactures strip guiding and quality assurance systems for continuous production processes in the metal, paper and plastics sectors, as well as foil and tire industries.

The main feature of EMG strip guides is the application of Inductive Principle, which realizes in minimum burden of maintenance. In Thailand, over 50 systems of EMG have been installed in many major steel plants.

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