"Bell Type" Batch Annealing Furnace (CAPS)

RAD-CON is an expert in the annealing production process, a manufacturer of new bell-type annealing furnace equipment, and a provider of systems that help existing annealing facilities operate better.

RAD-CON has developed CAPS™ (Computerized Annealing Process Software), the industries best optimization software for batch annealing furnaces (BAF).

The CAPS™ software reliably predicts each coil’s core temperature, automates your annealing process and provides main benefits:

     - Increase throughput > 15%
     - Reduce energy/carbon costs > 10%
     - Decrease mechanical property variation
     - Reduce stickers

For annealers of strip/sheet, CAPS™ software maximizes overall efficiency by scheduling coils and equipment. CAPS™ matches coils before anneal, and keeps on-line cycle times to a minimum. The result—reduced energy costs and boosted productivity. This system works on any brand furnace (not just RAD-CON), HN or 100% hydrogen atmosphere, single or multi-stack.

For more detailed information on the CAPS™ software, please click HERE.

RAD-CON is a leading global supplier of 100% hydrogen bell-type batch annealing furnace (BAF) equipment and software to manage BAF shops:

  • Annealing Specialist: ferrous and non-ferrous, strip and wire
  • Manufacture / Designer of 100% hydrogen, bell-type furnaces
  • Leading industry with bell-type thermal models (CAPS™)
  • Expert in optimized annealing shop operation
  • Providing systems since 1966, and operating globally

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