Continuous Annealing Line (L-TOP)

L-TOP®- Line Thermal Optimization Process software is certified IPMVP (International performance measurement and verification protocol).

A fully automated and flexible solution L-TOP® improves all aspects of your line operation:

     - Heat buckles management
     - Mistracking management
     - Various coils thickness and width
     - Various thermal cycles
     - Transient situation management
     - Coils emissivity

In addition to these improved controls, L-TOP® main benefits are:

     - Increased Productivity (maximum speed calculation)
     - Reduce rejected materials
     - Increase quality by Respecting Thermal tolerances
     - No heat buckles
     - Less mistracking
     - Minimize delay time
     - Zone shutdown compensation
     - Roll profile calculation

For more detailed information on the L-TOP® software, please contact Scancorp Limited.

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