Roll Inspection (Rollscan)

Sarclad is a dynamic UK company providing advanced technology products for the metals industry. Supplying to 46 different countries with regional offices in the USA, China and India, Sarclad is the market leader for non-contact Roll Inspection machines, Roll Texturing machines and Continuous Caster Gap Checking machines.

ROLLSCAN is designed to provide fast and accurate real-time results, using combined non-contact eddy current and ultrasonic technologies to detect surface and sub-surface flaws of hot and cold mill rolls.

Mounted onto roll grinding equipment, Rollscan systems can be used during and after roll grinding activities to effectively detect and quantify surface defects such as roll cracks, bruising and magnetism, as well as sub-surface flaws such as shell core interface defects, non-metallic inclusions and porosity.

The Rollscan benefits:

     - Ensures high quality end product.
     - Improved roll operation in the mill.
     - Increased roll life.
     - Decreased roll costs.
     - Eliminates unnecessary roll refurbishment and mill downtime.
     - Low operation and capital cost.

For more detailed information on ROLLSCAN, please click HERE.

Sarclad Limited is based in UK and has been supplying equipment to the steel and non-ferrous industries for 30 years. Through advance technology, Sarclad manufacturers:

  • Roll texturing equipment or Electronic Discharge Texturing (EDT) machine
  • Non-destructive roll inspection equipment (employing Eddy Current and UT principles)
  • Continuous caster strand monitoring equipment
All these 3 products are installed in major steel plants in Thailand.

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