Power Input optimization (SmartARC™)

The SmartARC™ system is an advanced Power Input Optimization System.  It uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to set on-line the best tap and arc reference through the heat considering:

    - Heat stage
    - Slag level
    - Arc stability
    - Scrap Mix
    - Power Equipment Restrictions

    - Optimizing tool to operate with longer arcs and higher secondary voltages.
    - Uses classic control strategies, as well as the Artificial Intelligence algorithm.
    - Optimizes and integrates Electric and Chemical Energy allowing to add control modules to integrate the complete SmartFurnace functionality.

Proven typical benefits:
    - 2% savings on energy consumption
    - 3% average power increase
    - Power-on time reduction of 3%
    - Electrode consumption reduction of 8%
    - Flicker reduction of 10%
    - Tons/Hr increase up to 5%

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