BSE consultants represent the operational know-how of the Badische Group with BSW as one of the world’s leading mini-mills regarding productivity, efficiency and costs plus the experience of more than 300 consulting projects worldwide.

The implementation of the mini-mill culture is not limited to EAF and carbon steelmaking. Also, steel plants using other raw material and metallurgical processes for different steel grades, including integrated mills, have been receiving consulting services from BSE.

The know-how agreements with BSE have helped in optimizing their productivity and efficiency by smart adaptation of selected method and technologies from mini-mills. To learn more about BSE consulting services for Steel Making, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.


Since 1983, the Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (BSE) has been acting as a service provider for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the electric steel industry worldwide.

BSE is the sister company of the Badische Stahlwerke GmbH (BSW) – one of the world’s most productive Electric Arc Furnace Steel Mills.

BSE supplies high-quality products and consulting services based on the developed technologies and methods in its own plant as well as on a large number of network-partners, various EAF steel plants, rolling mills, integrated steel mills and users of different kinds of metallurgical processes. Customers worldwide are receiving Technical Services and Consulting Services from BSE.

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