Graphite Electrode

Dandong Graphite Electrodes have gained worldwide customer popularity. Using the highest grade raw materials, advanced production technology and capacity of 80,000MT/year they offer a full suite of electrode products:

  • Regular Power Graphite Electrode
  • Impregnated High Density Electrodes
  • High Power Graphite Electrode
  • Standard High Power Graphite Electrode
  • Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode

Dandong electrodes are used in EAF Arc Furnaces and Ladle Furnaces with range of Φ8"~28"inches from RP to UHP.

For more detailed information for Graphite Electrodes sizes and specifications, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.

Founded in 1992, Dandong Xin Xing Carbon Co. Ltd (DANDONG) has grown to become China’s 3rd largest electrode manufacture with production capacity of 80,000 MT/year and customers worldwide. Dandong has more than 500 employees, with five (5) production plants: Xinxing plant, Baoshan plant, Baiqi plant, Huludao plant and Baoxin plant.

Dandong utilizes advanced equipment, leading the domestic production process and offers a guarantee for the high quality products they supply. The production facilities use the highest grade raw materials (needle coke, low-sulphur petroleum coke and coal tar pitch), counter flow calciners and up to 3500MT extruders for forming. Dandong will continue to focus on the carbon industry, and making continuous investments to improve product quality and delivery capability.


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