Hydraulic Cylinder

BMF Hydraulics’ extensive industry experience and modern facilities offer both the quality and service of leading manufacturers while at the same time providing competitive global pricing.

Available in standard or custom-engineered models, BMF cylinders' are high-quality, with a variety of features to meet the needs of most demanding applications around the world.

 - General Cylinder Types: Welded, Bolted, Tie-rod, Differential, Non-differential, Single acting, Double acting, Telescopic, Ram-type, and more.

 - Bore Diameter Range: 0.6" ~ 47" (16mm ~ 1200mm)

 - Working Pressure Range: up to 5,000 Psi (34MPa)
For more detailed information of the available cylinder models, please click HERE.

BMF Hydraulics is a division of parent company Brantingham Manufacturing. In 1979, the American industrial manufacturer and casting expert, set up international manufacturing operations in Taiwan. Gradually, as business increased and capacity was filled, BMF expanded facilities to Mainland China in the mid-80s. With this extensive background in the metal casting and industrial hardware industries, BMF saw a market for their manufacturing expertise in field of hydraulic actuators and soon after the BMF Hydraulics division was created.

Today, BMF Hydraulics manages a 300,000 sq ft facility in Shanghai, China that specializes in custom welded hydraulic cylinders and components. With machining, welding, finishing and testing under one roof; BMF offers a wide-range of cylinder sizes and options. From this facility, BMF exports cylinders around the world, to industries including: steel production facilities, oil & gas, equipment OEM's, mining, and more.

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