Magnetic Lifters

Tecnomagnete is synonymous with magnetism in the industrial field. Over 40 years, through development and innovation, they developed and patented TECNOLIFT, the world's leading permanent-electro magnetic lifting system.  

Today, Tecnomagnete has customers throughout the world using TECNOLIFT technology to lift all types of ferrous loads (steel coils, sheets, slabs, billets, beams, etc). Regardless of shape or size, if the material you need to lift is ferrous, Tecnomagnete can lift it.

Using the Permanent-electro Magnetic lifting system has huge advantages over standard electro-magnetic systems:

     - Safety - power supply is only required for a few seconds to engage / disengage the load. The magnetic force is unaffected by power outage or black out.
     - Time saving - simple and fast pick up of any shape and size. No need of using wedges or wood spacers in between the steel sheets.
     - Easy to use - one single operator control the process away from the load.
     - Energy saving - the energy consumption is limited to max 5 seconds per lifting cycle. No battery back up system is required.
     - Cost effective and flexible - full use of the floor space without leaving any empty side areas around the load stack.
     - No maintenance cost - no moving parts, no wear, no batteries back-up maintenance.

For more detailed information on all Permanent electro-Magnetic solutions, please click HERE.

Tecnomagnete is synonymous with magnetism in the industrial field.

Their business is the design, production and sales of permanent electro-magnetic systems for industry. With 250+ employees, they are all united, ready to share their enthusiasm, expertise and experience in magnetism.

Headquartered Italy, close to Milan; the campus covers an area of 16,000 m² and with 6 buildings, including 40 designers and technicians, 2 R&D laboratories, 20 milling machines and machining centers.

A global player, they have branches in USA, Germany, France and China, active commercially and with post-sales support. A network of importers and service centers in all industrialized countries spreads the name of Tecnomagnete worldwide. Their mission is to introduce magnetism wherever there is steel, bringing added value to the customer.

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