Profile Measurement

The CALIPRI RCX uses a non-contact measurement method known as laser light sectioning. Simply place the device anywhere in the rolling mill, either manually or using an automated system. At the touch of a button, a sensor in the housing of the measurement device circles the rolled material. This allows profile sections to be captured from all directions, which are then combined to form an overall profile. The profile line immediately appears on the tablet PC and deviations from the target contour can be highlighted in color.

For more detailed information on the Calipri RCX specifications and models, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.


NEXTSENSE produces and distributes revolutionary devices for profile measurement and surface inspection, called CALIPRI and SURFILES. All systems are based on non-contact measurement technology which enables them to capture reality as it is, unbiased by different users or environmental conditions – without distortion, without variation, without approximation. They are represented globally with over 40 distribution partners, their headquarters in Graz (Austria) and a Sales and Service Center in Atlanta (USA).

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