Profile Measurement & Surface Inspection


Two birds with one stone: These measuring installations simultaneously monitor the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of your rolling profiles, both in hot and cold conditions.

Using state-of-the-art laser light section technology and high sampling rates, OSIRIS HOT and OSIRIS COLD create a complete 3D reconstruction of the product to be inspected during production in real time. The dimensional accuracy of the profile shape (e.g. width, height) is checked and the surface is examined for deviations by comparing the 3D data with your personal reference data. The measurement results can be reviewed and analyzed in real time on a control terminal. The automatically created measurement reports – which are integrated in your material tracking system – maintain complete quality control.

For more detailed information on the Osiris specifications, please click HERE or contact Scancorp Limited.


NEXTSENSE produces and distributes revolutionary devices for profile measurement and surface inspection, called CALIPRI and SURFILES. All systems are based on non-contact measurement technology which enables them to capture reality as it is, unbiased by different users or environmental conditions – without distortion, without variation, without approximation. They are represented globally with over 40 distribution partners, their headquarters in Graz (Austria) and a Sales and Service Center in Atlanta (USA).

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