Bloom Engineering helps leading Aluminum manufacture achieve huge fuel savings

One of Thailand's leading Aluminum sheet manufactures was experiencing high operational costs due to a long melting process and high fuel costs. They needed to find a solution to reduce their fuel consumption and shorten their melting process to remain competitive.


The company decided to turn to Regenerative technology. Because this new solution would be used on their main furnace, "the heart of their company", they needed to find a trusted provider of Regenerative Combustion systems.

Bloom Engineering was chosen to upgrade the company's main melting furnace. Bloom installed the 1150 Regenerative Burner System, intelligent PLC controls and “Quick Change” media case design to improve fuel efficiency, improve melt rate, reduce dross and provide overall easier control of operations.


Today, the operation at the main furnace runs smoothly, more efficiently and with better control. After the upgrade, they have achieved:

  • 41% Fuel Savings!
  • 5T/hr melt rate (previously 3.8T/hr), resulting in less dross/ higher yield
  • Less time “firing” during the melting process, resulting in quicker operation
  • Automated control for different stages (melting, tilting, holding)
  • User friendly HMI, for complete / easy overview of the entire system & process

For more information on Bloom Regenerative Combustion systems, please click HERE.

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