Sarclad helps SE Asia’s largest Hot Strip Mill improve roll maintenance operations.

SE Asia’s leading Hot Strip Mill (HSM) was having issues achieving consistent inspection results of their rolls’ surface using their existing Eddy Current Machine (ECM) device. This led to a lack of confidence in crack detection, frequently having to re-inspect rolls, resulting in increased time & cost for roll maintenance. Additionally, the existing ECM device was unable to perform inspections while the roll grinding operation was running, resulting in increased “downtime” and loss of production.


ROLLSCAN from Sarclad Ltd., UK was chosen as a replacement. The ROLLSCAN (ECM) device uses cutting edge technology designed to detect surface cracks with consistent results, and works in tandem while the roll grinding operation is taking place.


This leading HSM now feels confident in detecting surface cracks; saving time and money that were previously lost in the roll maintenance process. One reason is they no longer have to stop the roll grinding operation to perform crack inspections. With consistent performance and reduced downtime, ROLLSCAN has received high marks, and now has multiple installations at this site.

For more information on the Rollscan product, please click HERE.

Sarclad Limited is based in UK and has been supplying equipment to the steel and non-ferrous industries for 30 years. Through advance technology, Sarclad manufacturers:

  • Roll texturing equipment or Electronic Discharge Texturing (EDT) machine
  • Non-destructive roll inspection equipment (employing Eddy Current and UT principles)
  • Continuous caster strand monitoring equipment
All these 3 products are installed in major steel plants in Thailand.