Xtek helps leading Plate Mill Company drastically reduce operational downtime.

A major Plate Mill Company based in Thailand was looking to solve their problem of having to replace crane track wheels every 3-4 months, due to breakage from the weight of slabs being transported. This caused extensive downtime, production loss and high replacement costs. This Plate Mill Company tried wheels from several suppliers and were unable to find one that could fix the issue of short life.


TSP Grade crane wheels from XTEK were given a trial. These premium grade forged wheels are contour case-hardened from a proprietary heat treatment process called TSP, with the highest hardness available in the industry. They are designed for enhanced service life under severe application, while providing an additional 40% load carrying capability over rim toughened wheels.


After three (3) years of use, this major plate mill company has not had to change any of the Xtek TSP wheels, resulting in zero downtime and increased productivity. In addition to the increased life of the wheels, due to the TSP characteristics, rail life has been extended by 150%. They are extremely satisfied with the product benefits.

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