Since 1982 Esart foundry has specialized in the casting of copper components with the maximum cast mass of 5 Tons. These high-quality components are used where a very high electrical conductivity min. of 85 IACS% is required.

Esart supplies different copper base alloys castings, copper forging and components assembled by welding, such as:

     • Contact Plates for Electrodes (forgings)
     • Contact Electrode Holders (castings)
     • Cable Holders (castings and composite weldings)
     • Oxygen and Carbon Tips for Lance Manipulators
     • Oxy-Fuel Burner Water Boxes for Burners
     • Copper Tubular Panels
     • Copper Bus Tubes, Delta Closures
     • Cooling Blocks for Refractory Zone
     • Cooling Blocks for the Door Area
     • Lance Block
     • Bottom Electrode for DC
     • Esr Mould

Esart is part of the Metalleghe Group. The Group’s companies have at their disposal advanced laboratories for analysis, checking and testing. A network of experts guarantees a high-profile technical service to meet customers’ requirements, offering top-level international experience.

ESG Bearing Manufacture Company Limited