Tangshan Metallurgical Saw Blade Co., Ltd. was established in 1963; it is the first producer of circular saw blades in China and was nominated by Government Ministry of metallurgical industry as the designated supplier of circular saw blades. The TANGSAW brand has more than 200 production employees and more than 200 sets of equipment, with production capacity of twenty thousand (20,000) PCS of circular saw blades per year.

In addition to supplying over 80% of the domestic Chinese market, TANGSAW has expanded globally. In 2014, TANGSAW acquired Germany Lindemann company, a leading supplier with more than an 80 year history in saw blades industry. In 2015, Lindemann took over the whole circular saw blades business of Germany Arntz company, a leading supplier with more than 222 year history in the European saw blades industry.

In 2012, TANGSAW expanded to the USA when it acquired ASKO, and changed the name to A. Lindemann Inc in 2016.

Over the past 50+ years, Tangshan has played a role as the forerunner in the metallurgical saw blade industry. They have a strong reputation for technical innovation through constant research and development efforts. They apply the latest technology and equipment to develop the product quality and product range.